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The market’s going up too much, too fast — listen to the ‘Homestretch’

This is the transcript of Monday’s “Home Stretch.”

>>> Hi, I’m Jim Cramer.

The end.

Today is not a good day.

today is not a good day

for profit taking.

i think there is acceptance

Too early.

By the way, I don’t believe it.

But it is common.

it’s the moment people want

low risk and reliable

It’s reasonable given what lies ahead.

>> Market is growing steadily

Start of the year.

we see upward movement

some commodities, and

Copper is one example.

maybe people are trying

Position above the Fed

wednesday meeting

Powell thinks it’s going to be a little

More frisky than expected,

they are trying to protect

against the negative side.

it leads to many things

today’s defense sector,

What I don’t have

Staples, worked all year long,

utilities, and finance

possess wealth, and

the energy is downward,

Tech, and —

>> No energy surprises.

You should mention Halliburton

It’s going well.

>> yeah it’s the only energy

S&P 500 stocks included

green today.

the rest of the group is down

because the energy is down

Oil prices are falling.

>>Let’s see it

The second.

apparently people are saying

about to resume, it should

There is a difference.

New York is 50 degrees.

50 degrees again


people are feeling, wait

Second, perhaps the season

End, and no snow.

we are in finance

business, so just understand

It’s warmth.

don’t fool yourself.

it’s just warmth

what is going on

here are some things

Really, really interesting.

I want to mention NVIDIA

The second.

we are chatting

>> CHATGPT, yeah.

>> And NVIDIA is a little

every time.

But it’s us who matter

still have to deal with the high

performance computing issues,

and you’re gonna see the real thing


We have high hopes for NVIDIA

Partially AS I than AMD

Previously mentioned if you ask me

my biggest concern

AMD and NVIDIA when it comes

for a good portion of us

Holdings, and QUALCOMM WE KICK

almost every day.

>> That’s right.

where did you find that note today

They are basically Intel,

because they had such excess

Stock, all these OEMs, THE

PC makers sit like mountains

Possibilities of Intel PPC

Cause of PPC fix

lingers, and we need to see

more certainty.

>> important thing when it comes

these are all people

cut back.

Can’t check if it’s SAMSUNG

reduction, and it’s price

confuse everything.

will have faith

samsung does not keep

flooded ones.

PC down 20%.

Big problem.

we are not going to see anything

From HP to February.

Please note that I am concerned


Let’s go beyond the top 5.

It was really nice to meet the woman

Are you starting to do better?

>> yeah, other names are working

I have a certain thing today

Corporate — some activists or

what do you have around it


Please refresh the board.

multiple activists involved

in stock.

At the same time, Amazon, they

almost became an activist

talk to national

instruments and stocks

Plunge of about 10%

several days passed

We were talking about acquisitions,

and now they

A more friendly conversation.

>>you know what i think they thought

when they’re in your feet

was hostile.

>> Look, I represent the club of

people who own this stock, and


what you want?

I said I’m a shareholder and

important people

leave while you are closed


They asked how I knew it and

i said i was around

Long time.

I’m not trying to be Jacks.

>> yeah this is a distraction

you don’t want

From 97 on the news

about 88, and stock is

about 90 people today

down day.

>>I like it.

Wells Fargo, I tell you,

we are right

five years ago, five years ago

years ago next week


there is always the possibility

All about consent issues

covered, completed,

You can start a buyback


>> have to wonder if charlie

I am there now.

>> Let’s go downside.

As for J&J, J&J

Third circuit, okay.

It’s an appeals court.

you can wear a legal hat


they are fighting now —

they’re doing all the singles

Case, okay, trying to exhaust

Plaintiff, and at the same time

time they have a second track

What is the highest hope

The court took up the case and

because what would it have

Realize and eventually enact law

it says we’re about to end

bankruptcy charade

When a company goes bankrupt

How to deal with things and us

Use the J&J WAY.

J&J, I think, I believe

Supreme Court Conservative

enough to actually be by your side


No call from J&J.

it was mine before

what i understand

I want to.

I said to Jeff, look, I think we’re us

Must buy but then I pulled

I couldn’t buy it so I returned

without checking whether

The company wants change —

The statement they made was very


>> said they fully committed

to backstop the funding of

Subsidiary they funded.

they are trying to speed up

process and make more

Efficient, because it takes everything

The case to court is long

process, and we want their eyes

on the ball, don’t get involved

in legal proceedings;

>> you want to know how stupid

this is?

they have a master, A

Mustardkett that handles a lot of things

It doesn’t work if


The system is very – it is


we gotta get it like the best

The court hears it.

>> When J&J is below cost

Foundation, that’s when we build

our move and we said it

175 to 170, 168, NOT

Not enough.

162, I’m still thinking about that quarter

they reported last week, they

’23 Earnings Exceeded Above


they didn’t get the credit


>> company, you just can’t

Please purchase without confirmation.

I hope to hear from Jake

>> yeah they were fully booked

for the holidays.

I don’t see anything here

than profit taking.

>> After the transaction closes, it

mostly automatically

Good temperature in housing.

Before tomorrow’s bell rings


>> yeah, looking for weakness


When looking ahead one year

now or two years from now

Consider all expenses

made on the infrastructure side,

It’s a multi-tail ear for them.

>> UPS, I think I’m going

Mention labor issues.

>> That’s interesting.


>> It will hurt and GM — Ford

I’m telling you to stop worrying

Regarding the price reduction

Still make money with Mach E.

understand going to florida

for college tours

University of Miami, graduate

here wednesday night.

i will be in miami on thursday

put on a show on thursday and

Jeff is

Strengthen some of this.

>>there are good things

no shortage of news

there are many companies

report, so there will be

I have a lot to talk about.

>> Again, I just want to say

you don’t hear me “home”

Stretch, “It’s because I am”

Even in flights and teaching classes.

>> lots of fun stuff.

>> Thank you.

good bye.



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