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Drinkers are less likely to develop dementia, shocking study shows

Sober October has been touted to many as an inspiration to get yourself in shape.

But this could be a trend that is dangerous for your health — at least according to a recent study that found that abstaining from alcohol could increase your risk of developing dementia.

The study, published in the journal Addiction, was conducted by the University of New South Wales in Sydney, which conducted a meta-analysis of 15 studies that analyzed the link between alcohol and dementia in adults over the age of 60.

“Among current drinkers, there appears to be no consistent evidence to suggest that the amount of alcohol consumed in later life is associated with dementia risk,” the study concluded.

Researchers looked at 24,478 people from around the world. During the duration of the study, 2,124 of the adults developed dementia.

They found that those who were part of the group diagnosed with a brain disorder were more likely to abstain from alcohol compared to light or moderate drinkers.

The research was more concentrated in wealthier countries, including the United States, Australia and European countries. But they also include data from some middle to low-income countries, such as Brazil and the Republic of Congo.

Many studies have reached different conclusions about alcohol when it comes to dementia.
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Researchers have not determined why moderate intake of hooch may boost brain health, and other factors such as exercise, diet or weight were not taken into account.

But it adds more fuel to the endless debate about whether drinking is a hindrance or a boost to your overall well-being.

There are conflicting reports about adult drinks.

A March 2022 study said just one drink a day can shrink your brain, with Marathon Brewing Company even marketing their 26.2 Brew as a health drink to replenish electrolytes after a long run.

The CDC says excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a host of health problems, including heart disease, numerous cancers and depression.

However, this isn’t the first academic study to say that one drink a day can keep the doctor away.

A 2002 Dutch study published in Lancet reported that moderate to light drinking can lower the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and dementia.

It analyzed 8,000 people aged 55 and over and found that there was a 42% risk reduction for all forms of dementia and about 70% in the risk of vascular dementia.

The type of alcohol consumed — be it beer, wine, or spirits — played no role.

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