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Floyd Mayweather, 45, punches MMA star Mikuru Asakura

Floyd Mayweather is 45. He could probably do this when he’s 75.

The undefeated Hall of Famer knocked out Mikuru Asakura in the second round of a scheduled three-round exhibition at the Rizin 38 card in Saitama, Japan.

The 30-year-old Japanese mixed martial artist was a game and had his moments, with a few standout punches.

However, no MMA fighter has the boxing skills to compete on an equal footing with one of the sweet science’s greatest practitioners, not even one in their mid-forties.

And it is designed that way. Mayweather has said he doesn’t want to hit someone with a good chance of hurting him. Asakura couldn’t.

The first round was uneventful as both fighters regularly reached out their lead hands to find their reach, only throwing power shots here and there, mostly to the body.

However, they picked up their pace on lap 2. Still quick, still smart, Mayweather started landing on the head of the Asakura with his right hand and added more body shots.

Asakura struggled to hit the big defending fighter, but he did land a few punches that snapped Mayweather’s head back, which was an unusual sight. His problem was that he got the worst of the exchanges.

Finally, after several close shots to the head set the groundwork, Mayweather landed one more time on the right, causing Asakura to lie on his back and hurt him.

He got to his knees where Referee Kenny Bayless took a good look at him and decided he was unable to continue.

Could this version of Mayweather beat a top welterweight contender? Probably not at the moment. However, he will continue to dominate the fighters he is confused with in exhibitions, YouTubers, MMA fighters and idle boxers.

Indeed, Asakura, an MMA star, didn’t stand a chance.

Mayweather collected another big payday and seemed to be enjoying himself, before graciously expressing his gratitude to the Japanese crowd.

“I’m glad we were able to bring excitement to people tonight,” he said. ‚ÄúThank you for having me. I will come back.”

The question is against whom?

Perhaps not coincidentally, Mayweather rival Manny Pacquiao was invited by the show’s organizers and spoke in the ring both before and after the main event.

Could they put on a Mayweather-Pacquiao exhibit? Perhaps Pacquiao, 43, gave a clue.

“Hopefully,” he said, “this isn’t the last time you’ll see me.”

Yes, we will almost certainly see more of the legendary boxers.

Story originally appeared on Boxing Junkie

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