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Georgia Football: Everything Kirby Smart Said After the Bulldogs Win Over South Carolina

About what you’ve seen from defense this season

“Well, they practice really hard. If you practice hard, you get better. So, I mean, our coaching staff – we now have coaches on our staff who came from other places, and I had one of them contact me and say, “The amount of detail and the amount of detail you put on your Scout cards, the reps you all do against the Scout team is the hardest thing possible against any call.” So when you get to the game it usually gets easier.

You know, if we can play offensive coordinator and write the hardest plays — and I think Coach Schumann and that defensive staff, man, it was long, hard hours to make sure our guys saw some of the hardest plays. And even then you don’t quite get it, you know? But it certainly helps to have ways to influence the quarterback, good pass rushers, and it helps to play up front, which, you know, defense has been able to do when we scored on offense.”

About Todd Monken’s performance

“Great. I mean, he was aggressive. He did a good job of calling it. He’s putting together a good plan. He’ll tell you himself: He’s got a great offensive staff. I mean, he’s got guys in the room are who have coached in the SEC, who understand the SEC You know, the addition of Searels, B-Mac, Bobo, I mean those guys come up with game plan stuff They know these teams They know the staff of these teams. So it really helps if you have a good game plan and you have people who can execute it because they have experience.

It’s hard to defend a quarterback who can control things, make throws, have weapons and then run on top of them. So we have to get better and better and we have to perform at a high level, but the most important thing for them and for our attack is to get points.”

No real drop-off in the team since last season

“Guys, I’ve been saying all year that we have good footballers. We just have to play well and they have to buy in to be selfless and help each other. This team is very different from last year. We don’t have 16 guys coming next. years are called up. We don’t, but we have a lot of guys who are tough, who are physical and who like to exercise. They buy in to be near each other, they are connected, they like to compete with each other.

The only days you can get better during the season are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It’s hard to go out in a game and take only 30 photos. We get 60, 70 snapshots in practice every day. As long as they get better and you don’t fill their heads with so many things, we’ll be fine.”

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