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Horrifying New Details Released After Man Accused Of Sexually Abusing Boy In River North McDonald’s Bathroom

A Michigan man stormed into a River North McDonald’s restroom on Saturday and assaulted a 6-year-old boy before punching a guard and assaulting a police officer, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Just before 6 p.m. Saturday, the 6-year-old boy, his father and his father’s boyfriend went to the Rock n’ Roll McDonald’s on 600 N. Clark St. to get something to eat, prosecutors said.

Upon arrival at the restaurant, the three went to the bathroom.

The boy was standing in a stall, his father washes his hands at the sink and the family friend used a urinal, prosecutors said.

The boy’s father closed the barn door, but didn’t lock it because he didn’t want the boy to lock himself in.

Bryan Sutton, 62, reportedly walked into the toilet shortly afterwards and entered the stable where the boy was kept, undetected by the father or the father’s boyfriend.

Sutton would then have sexually abused the boy.

A McDonald’s security guard kept an eye on Sutton, who was known to staff for causing disturbances in the past, prosecutors said.

Shortly after Sutton went to the bathroom, the guard followed him.

The guard tried to open the barn door, where Sutton and the victim were, prosecutors said.


However, Sutton reportedly started pushing the door shut to prevent the guard from entering.

When the guard opened the door, he saw Sutton inappropriately touching the victim.

As he moved Sutton away from the victim, Sutton allegedly hit the guard on the head with a closed fist.

Officers then arrived on the scene and Sutton was still in the bathroom, prosecutors said.

As they approached Sutton, he clenched his fists, stiffened his body and was in a fighting stance, prosecutors said.

When officers began to take Sutton into custody, he reportedly punched an officer in the shoulder and pulled away.

He then stiffened his body in an attempt to defeat the arrest, prosecutors said.

Sutton is said to have resisted and fought to the point that officers used tasers to handcuff him.

Sutton was then taken into custody and taken to hospital to remove the taser, prosecutors said.

The boy was taken to hospital and seen by a doctor. He was listed in good condition.

Sutton has no known criminal convictions, but in July he was charged with assaulting a Cook County deputy sheriff at the Daley Center.

The charges were dismissed after the deputy was unable to make it to court.

Sutton, of Flint, Michigan, is facing a felony count of aggravated sexual abuse of a victim under 13 and a felony count of kidnapping.

Bond was rejected for Sutton on Tuesday.

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