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ESPN’s Brady Henderson Reveals More Details About the Seahawks’ Divorce from Russell Wilson

It’s no secret that while the relationship between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks could take the team to unprecedented heights, things deteriorated over time, leading to the eventual trade to the Denver Broncos in March. It was one of the biggest deals in the NFL, not just this off-season, but in decades past.

Following the trade, the league office had, of course, scheduled the Seahawks to open the season in prime time on Monday Night Football. In addition, instead of starting the season with a doubleheader for the first Monday Night Football broadcast of the year, the league chose to leave Wilson vs. Carroll as a standalone matchup and chose to play a doubleheader. plans for week 2.

Ahead of what could be the most anticipated game scheduled for the Seahawks in 2022, Brady Henderson has written an article that sheds more light on the split.

Henderson shares several insights about how the relationship broke down over a number of years, including how Wilson was upset by offensive play during the second half of a 2019 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

IN THE RUN UP TO an October 2019 game with the Atlanta Falcons, Wilson’s quick start had made him one of the top early-season contenders for MVP, an award he was very eager to win. With the Baltimore Ravens and eventual winner Lamar Jackson on a bye, this was Wilson’s chance to get ahead. He threw two touchdowns as the Seahawks jumped out to a 24-0 lead at halftime, but they only attempted five passes in the second half.

While also noting Carroll’s decision to rule on offense in the second half of next season as well.

Carroll had had enough of the turnover. He pulled the plug on “Let Russ Cook” and returned to the formula deeply rooted in the then 69-year-old coach. After dropping to pass more than any team in the first 10 weeks, the Seahawks were ranked 15th in the designed pass rate over the last seven.

It’s a look back at several pivotal moments in the relationship over the years, from John Schneider’s exploration of Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen to a trade offer with the Cleveland Browns that would have sent Wilson to Ohio in exchange for the best overall roster in the draft. of 2018. However one might view the ongoing saga between Wilson, Carroll and the Seahawks over the years, Henderson’s piece is a must for fans wanting to learn more about how the current situation came to be.

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