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5 Omicron symptoms that are now more common than the ‘classic’ COVID symptoms

If you think loss of sense and smell or shortness of breath are the indicators that you have contracted COVID, then you are wrong. In recent years, as the coronavirus has mutated, the symptoms associated with the infection have also changed. While it is stated that the symptoms associated with the virus are now milder, it is extremely essential to understand what you are dealing with and identify the early signs of the disease.

Currently, Omicron BA.5 is the dominant variant worldwide and experts suggest that this time around, the symptoms may be more associated with upper respiratory tract problems as the virus tends to linger in the nasal passages and other parts of the respiratory system above. the lungs.

These are the 5 symptoms that appear early on:


For COVID patients, this isn’t just about feeling tired, but the person feels completely wiped out even after getting enough rest. This interferes with their daily routine, such as difficulty climbing stairs and other routine chores. Some may also find it difficult to concentrate because of this tired state.


COVID headaches are reported to be moderately to severely painful, feel “pulsing,” “pressing,” or “stinging,” and occur on both sides of the head rather than one area. And this condition lasts about 3 to 4 days. Experts say COVID headaches are more common today than the classic COVID symptoms.

Sore throat:

One of the earliest symptoms of COVID, this appears within the first week of contracting the infection. Usually this symptom lasts for two to three days, but for some it can last for a few more days. However, sore throat in case of COVID can be extremely painful and uncomfortable

A fever:

In most cases, a fever is the indicator that you have COVID, followed by a cough and muscle aches. Usually it stays for 3 to 4 days.

Digestive Disorder:

Lately, many who have contracted COVID have reported gut health problems, and for some, this was the first sign. It is therefore advised not to take symptoms such as diarrhea for granted as you assume that it can happen by eating something inappropriate.

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