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Amon-Ra St. Brown destroys commanders, Dyami Brown for a light trek day

On the day he was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week, Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown wasn’t much interested in talking about that honor.

“It feels normal, honestly,” St. Brown. “I’m not too excited, I’d say.”

For St. Brown, Offensive Player of the Week is a small hill to climb. There are much bigger goals that he has tucked away. So Sunday’s performance — a game of nine catches, 116 yards with two touchdowns and another 68 yards on the ground — was nice, but he’s already moved on.

“I want to do a lot more this season, as a team, individually,” said St. Brown. “We have a lot of games to play, a lot of games to go, and it’s a new week. I forgot last week.”

What he hasn’t forgotten, though, is the 2021 NFL Draft. St. Brown had to wait until Day 3 for his name to be called, and we already know that he remembered the 16 wide receivers selected for him.

What we may not have known is how salty he still is about it and how much it motivates him each week of the NFL season.

Take last Sunday for example. The Lions’ opponent, the Washington Commanders, drafted Dyami Brown in that 2021 draft, just 30 picks before St. Brown left. And the Lions wide receiver has been eyeing Brown ever since.

“Even the commanders had a man for me there. I believe his name is Dyami Brown,’ said St. Brown. “I don’t know how many catches he had. Surely you can tell me that. Or how many meters he had.”

St. Brown is almost certainly restrained here. He knows exactly how many yards Dyami Brown had as Dyami Brown only played in one offensive snap on Sunday and didn’t register as much as a single target. The whole time St. Brown watched.

“I don’t forget things like that,” said St. Brown. “I see him across the sidelines from where I’m standing during the game, and I’m going to give hell to every team.”

St. Brown was then asked if he watched Brown on Sundays.

“I haven’t seen him much in the game.”


St. Brown certainly earned the right to talk a little nonsense. His 184 yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns on Sunday surpassed Brown’s entire NFL career stats (165 yards receiving, 0 TDs)

But Brown is not alone. Take a look at the other 15 players selected for The Sun God and their overall production compared to his:

With St. Brown’s focus now on Minnesota, you’d think they’d be spared his wrath. After all, the Vikings haven’t lined up another receiver before St. Brown’s 2021 draft. But no one escapes St. Brown’s crosshairs.

“They didn’t (line up a wide receiver), no, but they didn’t line me up either. I know they had a few choices there.”

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